Instagram payments function

The testing of the payment function on Instagram has already begun! – What is the Instagram payments function, how will it work and are payments on Instagram needed?

Keep in mind that this payment function has nothing to do with linking your card for payment on Instagram, they are different things.

The function for making payments will be available in the profile settings of your instagram account. This will allow many users to make purchases on Instagram, precisely on the social network itself, without going to third-party sites.

Of course, for this you will need to enter your PIN, link your card for payments, which allows online payment options, after which you can make purchases directly through your own Instagram account.

Should I make payments on Instagram?

Of course it’s worth it if it’s convenient for you. After all, as you understand, all this is done for the convenience of users, and payments will increase the competitiveness of such a modern profession as an administrator on Instagram.

Here’s how you can use the payment function on Instagram at the initial stage:

Booking tickets.
Payment at restaurants.
Buying cinema tickets.
Sign up for a beauty salon or fitness center.

Now this function works in instagram in test version, however, like many new functions in all well-known social networks. Accordingly, this function is available to a fairly limited number of users. But soon you will be able to use it too, at least when, after testing, the administration will launch it to the masses.

This payment function, according to the developers, should save time and simplify purchases on Instagram. Over time, the capabilities of this function will increase as the need and effectiveness of the marketing of the network itself and the demand for users.

This tool will give a serious impetus to advertisers on instagram, for the reason that with the introduction of payments, purchases on instagram will increase significantly.

In the near future, many other functions will be introduced in Instagram, for example, the ability to make group calls. I have already said for a long time that instant messengers will develop rapidly and each social network will have its own messenger built in.

And of course, the payment function will be available not only on Instagram, but also on other popular social networks.

What do you think of the Instagram payments feature? Will it be useful and interesting to you?

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