Telegram Channel Promotion Options. Other channels

The most effective type of promotion for Telegram including premalatha leaked video remains advertising on donor channels.

Define a list of keywords for the topic and direction of your site.
Collect Telegram search results and data from public ratings.
Walk through the channels manually, make a selection: write to the owners, collect information about the cost and promotion conditions. Look at the number of subscribers and views, activity in the comments.
Prepare thematic publications, preferably different ones, taking into account the characteristics of the sites where you will post.
Start the campaign gradually, with breaks, in order to clearly track which platform the subscribers came from.
You can also use the PFM Booster mutual promotion service and select bloggers who are ready to promote your Telegram channel on their sites, including on the terms of mutual PR. The option becomes available after a certain number of subscribers are recruited.

For some time now, cheap mass promotion has also become available through entries in the comments under Telegram posts – you will definitely be offered it as soon as you make several publications. Use it or not, decide for yourself. But we note that we did not meet a single mention of this function on the network.

This means that there can be exactly two options: for promotion, it does not work, or it works so cool that they prefer to remain silent about it. In any case, the result depends on too many factors to say for sure.

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