Why is the contact not displayed in Telegram, how can I find it?

Why is the contact and nod32 key not displayed in Telegram, although it was definitely registered in the messenger? There may be several reasons, which we will talk about in the article! We’ll have to work with the settings and enable certain options!

Messenger settings
One of the reasons why Telegram does not show contacts that are in Telegram is incorrect permission settings. You could deliberately disable access to the phone book or accidentally forget to give the desired permission.

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Don’t worry, this problem is easily fixable! Just open your smartphone settings and search for the messenger. Now, on the tab with permissions, give access to the phone book – then restart the program!

You won’t have to say again: “Why don’t I see the contact in the Telegram?” The data will be quickly transferred from the smartphone’s memory to the messenger, you can find the person and write him a message.

Of course, these are not all possible reasons! Let’s go further – we advise you to be very careful.

Synchronization failed
The next answer to the question why the contact is not displayed in the Telegram is that you have disabled data synchronization! If this option is disabled, the messenger does not retrieve updated information from the phone book, so you may lose some users.

We advise you to enable synchronization! This will allow you to quickly put things in order in the chat list if Telegram does not see the contacts of some people.

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Open the messenger and go to the settings (on the iPhone, the button is on the bottom panel on the right, on Android – there are three bars on the top left);
Go to the “Privacy” tab;
Find the subsection “Data Management”;
Make sure that the “Synchronize …” option is enabled, the toggle switch must be in the active position.

Here you will also find the “Delete imported” icon. If you click on this button (the synchronization option will be enabled), all unnecessary data will be automatically deleted, the system will be completely updated – all the necessary people who are in the phone book and use the application will appear in the messenger. This is the perfect solution to the problem if the contact is not displayed in the Telegram!

Remote profile
We continue to figure out if there are other reasons to “lose” this or that user. Often, the settings of your messenger have absolutely nothing to do with it! The answer to the question why the contact is not visible in the Telegram is very simple.

The user deleted his account on his own, so it will not be possible to find him through a search or phone book!

When a person decides to deactivate an account, he disappears from the messenger. You won’t be able to write to him again. Nothing can be done with this, try to contact in a different way – there are other social networks or instant messengers.

We tried to understand why the contact in the Telegram is not visible and what to do about it. Sometimes the key to solving the problem is in your hands, in other cases you have to rely on the will of the circumstances. We hope you can find the user you want to write to!

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