You should use targeted advertising on VKontakte if…

You know your consumer well and desi sexi video
No, not only that he buys your products or uses the services that you or your competitors offer, but also some basic information such as age and social stratum. Look deeper. The portrait of the consumer should become your Gioconda, which inspires, does not reveal its secret, but you unravel it with increasing interest. So, what does Gioconda do in the evening? She works? Does she read the political news? Is she flipping through the Renaissance public or laughing while browsing Funny Jokes?

A banal example: an auto mechanic, in addition to “Autotuning” and other automotive communities, also reads “Erotica”, watches “HD Cinema”. Do you know how your client lives?

Another example: you are selling an online photography training service from scratch. Targeting photography school group members would be a mistake: most of them will already be students who don’t need training.

2. Are you an analyst or do you have someone you can trust with analytics

Keep in mind that you will have to see an infinite number of graphs. What they will show you, we will explain a little lower, but you will start with graphs, continue with graphs and finish with them. Only analysis will help to set up an advertising campaign so that it does not become one that “Wags the nerves, devastates the wallet and gives absolutely nothing in return.” Do you need efficiency? The path to it lies through straight lines, curves and hyperboloids.

3. You can showcase your product well

However, like any other advertising on the Internet, a targeted ad should lead to where the user will receive information and answers to questions. For example, a landing page. Note that it is normal to make several landing pages for different user groups.

4. You are a master of words… and pictures

Marketing segmentation and targeting, personalization, individual customer care (service), customer relationship management (CRM) and leader concepts.

Contextual advertising VKontakte is an ad consisting of text and an image. Your task is to create an ad that will not only attract the user and make him click on it, but will immediately inform him of what awaits him. Anyone who does not take this moment into account can increase the number of clicks from this advertisement, but not get customers.

Example: You are selling the same online photography course for beginners. The message is this: we will teach you how to shoot real masterpieces. You post collections of great photos, and training information and calls to action. In an ad that allows you to get to your group and website, you invite the user to view the photos. They will pass to be seen. But will they make a purchase?

Create an ad not for clicks, but for sales.

5. The decision to buy from you, for the most part, is not urgent.

A private clinic can find clients through contextual advertising on VKontakte if it offers a VHI service and sets up impressions for company executives or HR specialists. Calling a doctor at home, or even an ambulance, is too spontaneous a decision. Contextual advertising in search engines will be more effective.

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